5 Best online Rulers to Measure things with no Physical Ruler

5 Best online Rulers to Measure things with no Physical Ruler

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want to measure an object immediately and don’t have a physical ruler nearby?

Don’t freak out!

The internet has a solution for you. As the technology is improving day by day, it is creating solutions to every problem including the measuring one. There are many online rulers available on the internet which allows you to measure anything you want without any hassle. Therefore if you don’t have any physical ruler near you, there is no need to worry as these online measuring tools just got you covered.

These websites with online ruler allow you to measure in inches (in), centimetre (cm), meter (m) that is why you don’t need to convert it as you can measure the objects as you want.

Also, these online rulers don’t provide you actual measurements, but approximate ones. If you are willing to measure the dimensions and length accurately, you should measure it with the physical ruler.

1.    Get ruler:

It is one of the finest online rulers if you don’t find a measuring tape you can calculate the exact size of an object, small or large with this measuring tool. All you have to do is place the object near the virtual ruler, it will automatically create the image which will fit with your monitor screen and quickly resize the image in pixels, inches, centimetre or millimetres. Get Ruler allows you to know the approximate measurement of any object you like such as a book, pen or even an envelope.

2.    iRuler:

It is another free online ruler which examines the actual size of the product you want to measure. It allows you to choose the options on your monitor between the inches or pixels. If you have different displays you can adjust the iRuler according to your required monitor display. You can finally evaluate the measurement by placing the object on your screen. The best feature of this online tool is you don’t need the measuring tape to find the actual size of the object without any measuring tape. Also, you can choose different displays according to your gadget such as it will figure out the actual size in just a few minutes either you are using desktop or mobile.

3.    Free online ruler:

If you want to identify the size of an object, you can do it with another virtual measuring tool called Free Online Ruler. By using this tool, you can drag the ruler and adjust it according to the size of the placed object you want to measure. You can also measure the object in inches and centimetres’, chose the one which suits you the best. Place the connect on screen and drag the ruler to measure the actual size, it is the best tool when you are stuck in a place such as market and don’t have any physical ruler to measure the size of the product you want to buy.

4.    PiliApp – Online Ruler:

It is another online ruler which allows you to replace the traditional wooden ruler. You need to adjust the actual size of the ruler and setting of the monitor screen to the per inch piles, now place the object on the screen and compare the final size you can also drag the ruler from left or right to get the perfect fit. Also, don’t forget to save the correct pixel setting before you leave the page to use it in the future.

5.    Actual Size Ruler:

This online ruler is totally free to use and it claims to provide the actual size of the ruler with monitor screens. It also provides the perfect screen resolution which is displayed according to the monitor screen size. You can also choose to measure the object in horizontal and vertical position while you can convert it into millimetre, meter, centimetre into micrometre. Specific features also allow you the measurement conversion in just a few clicks.