5 Ways Research Students Can Reduce Data Usage

5 Ways Research Students Can Reduce Data Usage

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Gone are those days, when the research scholars had library as their only option to look for information. Internet has pushed the trend far behind. Today every research scholar needs a huge amount of data to browse through several information sources.

Students have limited source of money to spend on their internet usage. Knowing this most of the big internet providers are offering student package internet. But adding to such benefits, every research student can follow these five tricks to cheat on heavy internet data usage.

  1. Choosing the Best Student Internet Package

As a research student, searching for the best student internet package is no big deal. Keep in mind to do the correct comparison study among the best providers before going for one. Try a package for the wi-fi as well as mobile internet, if both are in use.

  1. Use A Data Monitor

Android has got a built-in data monitor since it’s 4.0 version. One can access this through the phone Settings, and from there choose the Data Usage option. There it will show where and all the data got used, both from each app and the overall perspective. By selecting an app, the menu will be visible with all its data usage settings.

  1. Disabling Push Content

For their own business interest business houses keep pushing content to internet users that consumes quite good an amount of data without the consent of the user. That is sheer injustice. One must stop this consciously and the handsets do offer an option for that. For Android users of 4.0 versions and upwards, there is a ‘disable push content’ option provided per-app again through the same Data Usage menu that is mentioned above. It requires a single tap on the app.

  1. Stream Videos and Music with a Bit of Caution

HD video Streaming is one of the main way of consuming up mobile data. Even if one streams video of Standard definition still it can consume a good amount of data, though it would be fraction of what HD would have consumed. So, it is quite easy to conclude, that unless you have options open to pay on the internet bills without any restraint, it is always better to watch videos in Standard definition, checking on the desire to watch them in HD.

  1. Sometimes Choose 3G Over 4G

Though the latest high-end mobile devices are all 4G data based, there is an option to choose for speeds. Thus, if the data limit is almost going to exceed in its usage, switch to 3G cheating on 4G to save some. As quicker downloads consume data much faster, it is a clever decision at times to go for 3G instead.


Following these tips would save on mobile data consumption. As a research student, these steps would be of great help at times, especially when there is a need of immediate reference to resources and that needs unknown amount of data to be consumed.

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