Benefits of a Church Community Builder

Benefits of a Church Community Builder

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Creating a church that is desirable, welcoming, and up-to-date with today’s technology seems complicated and overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with web design and development. When you want to create an online space designated for your church, consider using a community builder that specializes in assisting churches and church groups.

Share Sermons and Other Media With Churchgoers

When you want to spread the word of your church and encourage others to attend and become a part of it, opting for a church community builder is essential. Use your community builder to upload and share recorded sermons, audio files, and other videos that are most relevant to the messages you want to convey to the world. Users who access your online church community are able to quickly browse and view all of the media you have uploaded to avoid feeling “out of the loop” if they have recently missed a sermon they planned to attend.

Receive Gifts and Donations From Any Location

A community builder provides you with the opportunity of accepting donations and gifts from your church members from any location with internet access. Accepting gifts and donations for your church has never been easier than with an online community builder designed with your church specifically in mind.

Event Calendar

Keep all of the members of your church updated with the latest upcoming events and information pertaining to events and gatherings you have planned. Take advantage of a built-in calendar and event feature that allows you to instantly update and edit events while gaining access to an attendee list.

Integrated Newsfeed

Do you want to share exciting news or updates that pertain to your church? Use a built-in newsfeed feature available with the community builder you choose. Having an integrated newsfeed is a way to keep all of your church members updated with any changes and announcements you deem important or noteworthy.

Interactive Notes

When you post sermons or written text using the “interactive note” feature available with community builders, users are able to inject their own thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. Users who view the interactive updates are able to implement their own highlighting and notes to print immediately or save for future access.

Enable Push Notifications

Once you have a community builder for your church, enable push notifications to keep the members of your church informed of recent and important events at all times. Using push notifications is a way to inform those who attend your church of canceled events, upcoming celebrations, or changes that are being made inside of the church. With push notifications, never miss another opportunity to reach out to the members of your church or an opportunity to offer a message of encouragement and love.

Implementing the use of a community builder for churches allows you to maximize your reach to loyal attendees along with future prospective members. When you want to remain updated with the internet and social media of today, utilize a church-centric builder to maximize the growth and expansion of your community.