5 PC Racing Games That You Must Play In 2017

Here we share the list of top 5 best pc racing games in 2017 , racing games are one of the most fantasize all around the world. People will show more interset towards pc racing games , most of the games like gameloft and other companies are been working hard to give the most amazing exprience the racing. In 2017 , a lot of the companies are been trying to get involved in to virtual reality gaming experience. wow! Virtual reality ? Just imagine how great it would be and experience also. Check out the best and top 5 pc racing games in 2017. This list was updated in 2017 with new games. Check it out.

These are some of the best PC games as of now they may change with the release of new games here is the list of best PC racing games in 2017.



Dirt Rally Codemaster’s Dirt Rally has surpassed its predecessor, Dirt 3 and is arguably the best game Code masters have made in years With a far more authentic handling model, Dirt Rally does away with many of the arcade touches that continue to persist in the core series that also make it a proper rally game in a way gamers haven’t seen in a long while it is not just that these races happen to be set on dirt tracks with loads and loads of sideways slidey driving but that you’re actually taking part in the kind of endurance stage which introduces an element of strategy and resourse management that’s all to rare in sim-racing. Dirt Rally code masters was considered to be as one of the most downloaded game in 2017 in terms of racing. Here is the official launch video about the dirt rally codemasters online. #2017 fifth best pc racing games online.



Shift 2 this might be the best Compromise between realism and accessibility of any game on this list it’s not just the ways  the car handle-menacing, but capable- but the way it consistently thinks about what players need to perform at a high level rather than lock your view razing out over the hood or ask you to spring for tracker to let you turn your head, Shift 2 has dynamic view that Subtly Changes based on context Coming up on a gentle right hand corner your view shifts a bit as your driver avatar looks right into the apex for sharper corner your view swings a bit more so you have a sense of whst you’re driving into yet it doesn’t feel disorienting at all it just feels natural. Shift 2 seems to be as one of the oldest pc racing game  , however it still stood up in the first place in terms of best  experience in 2017.



Project CARS is not without its issues and a plethora of mirror but noticeable bugs have definitely dampened enthusiasm for what was one of the pc’s most exciting racers still it’s one of the best racing package on offer with tons of rarely-seen racing series and uk circuits that set it apart from its competitions.



TrackMania 2: Canyon any genre vetran will tell you that good track design is essential part of any quality racing title while in most games a hairpin bend , G-force-laden camber or high speed straight might suffice for TrackMania 2: Canyon track design takes on a terrifying hot wheels-inspired new meaning sweeping barrel-rolls, night-impossible jumps abd floating platforms that gives two finger to physics are what set the TrackMania series apart from other arcade racers. One of the best pc racing game in 2017 , still flows out with more than 20000+active players around each day in 2017.



Need for Speed: Most Wanted add thrilling Chases of need for speed : hot pursuit to the sandbox element of  Burnout: Paradise and you get Need for Speed: Most Wanted putting players behind the wheel in the georgeously detailed city to Fairhaven and offering them instant access provide you can locate them-to a roster of 31 cars as well as 10 additional cars which can be unlocked by beating challenges. No matter what the need for speed i.e EA are one of the best pc racing action games in 2017. some people claim that the NFS run is a best pc racing game rather than rivals which were released in 2014.


Driver: San Francisco every arcade racer should be cool as this game if steve McQueen were digitized and turned into a video game he would be Driver: San Francisco while Driver: SF features cars and influences from a variety of eras, it approaches everything with a 70’s style it loves American Muscle, Roaring engine, squealing tires and the impossibly steep hills and twisting roads of San Francisco it may have the single greatest soundtrack of any racing game and some of the best events variety. It is also considered to be as one of the best pc racing games in 2017.

F1 2016 F1 fans have had to wait a long time since 2013 for Codemasters to steer their licensed F1 IP back on track there were moments of brilliance along the way like F1 2015’s revised handling physics and a steady increase in overall fidelity but it’s only with the release of F1 2016 that we see the studio come good on their promise it was a promise laid out back in 2010 actually: be the driver, live the life.


Race: Injection you can’t put together a list of great simulation racing without having something from SimBin while the studio appears to have lost its way a bit with the dubious free-to-play RaceRoom Racing Experience, SimBin were sim racing royalty during the mid-2000s Race: injection is there capstone game, the package that combines just about everything they accomplish with the GTR series and Race 07

Assetto Corsa less a great racing game and more a great handling model with a game built-up around it Assetto Corsa feels like driving a real car around a real track to the point of being uncanny at times the presentation is kind of crude outside the races themselves but on the track it’s exactly what it need to bee right down to some terrific AI driving these aren’t slot car drivers but convincing opponents who will overlook it going into a turn lose control as they try to get back onto the track and even give you a love-tap as your race side-by-side through a turn it’s definitely a great option for people who need something that combines modern attractive graphics and good.

This are the one of the best PC action racing games in 2017. Be sure to check out the other best articles here :

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