Can an Instagram Stalker be Dangerous?

Can an Instagram Stalker be Dangerous?

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If you have a profile on Instagram, and it has been there for quite some time now, you might want to have one question answered – can You See Who Views Your Instagram?

We have news for you – yes you can. Before you jump in that chair and learn more about such apps, you might want to know why you need them. So what if a specific person has been stalking you on Instagram? How does it make a difference anyway? After all, he is just quietly staring at your pictures and doing something at all.

Well, let us tell you that an Instagram stalker can be as dangerous as the real one. In fact, far more dangerous than a real stalker.


Because a real stalker can be caught, but there are fewer chances of an Instagram stalker to be caught. He is dangerous because he is viewing your profile every now and then – probably even ten times a day. Such a stalker can be anyone – a person from your school or college or office, a person you fought with on the streets, a person from the neighborhood or even a real stalker. Yes – since everyone has a profile on social networking apps like Instagram, you may be getting chased on the internet by the same person who chases or stalks you for real. What if they are making some sort of a plan to harm you in some way?

It doesn’t take a minute for us to install Instagram on our cellphones, create profiles and post pictures. It is fun. In fact, we keep the privacy minimal so that we can have more and more followers. When we have thousands of followers on our profile, we flaunt the same. But what you don’t know is that it is okay to have followers, people liking your posts or commenting on the same, but it is not okay to have someone who stalks you every day, but doesn’t like any of your posts or even say a word. THAT is risky! If someone doesn’t want to be your friend, if someone doesn’t text you on the Instagram messenger, if someone doesn’t LIKE your posts or if someone doesn’t comment on your pictures, what is he silently doing on your Instagram profile? Why is he stalking you?

Thanks to web apps like InstaStalkCheck, you can now learn about who has viewed your Instagram profile.

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