Can You Write A Bestselling Book Without The Help of An Editor

Can You Write A Bestselling Book Without The Help of An Editor

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There are many who debate over this topic from time to time. Authors are considered to be the creators of fiction worlds that are hard to get rid of. They are considered the ones who bring change. But most people forget that it’s almost impossible for authors to write bestselling books without the help of equally talented editors. Even though editors work from under the hood, their contribution in making a raw story into a book is no less than the writer himself. They know how to modernise a story and make it worth selling millions of copies.

If you’re a writer, ask this question from yourself — can you write a bestselling book without taking help from an editor. Here are a few points that will help you arrive at a conclusion-

Storytelling vs Writing A Book

These are two different things often misunderstood as one. You may know how to narrate a story, but that doesn’t mean you can write a book that will appeal to millions of people together. Anyone can tell the story, but to turn this story into a perfect book having proper plot, characterisation, plot and climax, a skilled editor is needed. Even if you’re pretty good at proofreading the book, it’s always recommended to take the help of a renowned book editor who is known for his excellent work and carries an excellent track record.

Once you have put all your creativity into writing a story, the next goal should be to find an editor who can read this story, make necessary corrections and add lines, words, quotes, etc. to make it more appealing and relevant to the mass audience. While hiring an editor, you can take the help of your friends, use your social contacts or take the help of a renowned publishing house in your area which can suggest you a good editor.

Follow these few important points and come up with a book that becomes the next bestseller and break all the sales records this year. Give it a try and feel the magical experience it offers.

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