Complete Range of Atex Rugged Computers and Handheld Devices Now at Mobexx

Complete Range of Atex Rugged Computers and Handheld Devices Now at Mobexx

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When it comes to electronics such as computers, mobile phones and iPads, many people now pay extra attention when considering their safety, supplying them with protective cases, screens and more! However, although these kinds of security and protections may be fine for regular electronics users in everyday scenarios, there are instances where further and much more durable protections are required for computers and mobile devices, and this is where Mobexx come in – Now offering a full range of Atex Rugged computers and handheld devices.

What are rugged computers, and who needs them?


Rugged computer and devices and PC’s and devices that are specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh usage environments and conditions, able to handle strong vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet and dusty conditions. These computers and devices serve a wide range of professionals in an even wider variety of sectors, including but not limited to: oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, energy, chemicals, surface coatings, volatile food ingredients, marine, aviation and mining.

Atex at Mobexx

Of course when it comes to rugged computing there are several manufacturers and brands available, however when looking for consistent high quality people are advised to choose Atex from Mobexx.

Mobexx now offer one of the largest collections of quality rugged computing products form Atex, catering for all companies and sectors which have a need for ATEX certified products for Zone 1, Zone 21, Zone 2 and Zone 2. They even offer Atex products fit to meet Underground Mining certified standards.

Just some of the Atex products now available at Mobexx include:

Atex Handheld Phones –Rugged mobile phones suitable for use by all field workers in hazardous industrial and aggressive envrioments.

Atex iPad and Tablet Collection –Robust and compact versatile mobile solutions, boasting superior protection.


Fixed Atex Computers – Atex rugged computers and peripherals to meet the needs and ALL hazardous conditions and environments.

Anyone looking for further information regarding rugged computing or looking for the greatest and most suitable rugged computing solutions for their companies, should visit the leading Mobexx website today where they will be able to find everything that they are looking for.


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