Digital Marketing Health Check

Digital Marketing Health Check

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The majority of companies in the UK utilize digital marketing strategies to promote their brand. Although you might not be actively controlling yours and you probably haven’t spent a minute on Twitter or Facebook, you should know that your online presence on the various digital marketing properties matters a lot, now more than ever. This is because customers’ opinion regarding your brand is increasingly dependent on the mentions of your business’s name by different individual users. It is, therefore, imperative to discover whether your marketing strategy is working for your company, or merely wasting your time and resources. Here is how you can perform an effective digital marketing health check.

Evaluating Your Digital Marketing Objectives

The most critical step of a marketing strategy evaluation is thoroughly scrutinising the specific goals you previously established for yourself. Some of these objectives might include:

  • Increasing your fan base on the various social networking websites
  • Getting your blog posts to receive multiple social shares
  • Enhancing the frequency of mentions of your brand name on social media
  • Increasing the number of inbound website visitors from social media sites
  • Elevating the cumulative number of conversions that result from social media traffic

You should also take time to determine whether your set goals are still making economic sense for your business. This is in addition to ascertaining that you are efficiently hitting your target projections. If you deem it necessary, revise your objectives to accommodate new ideas while accounting for changes in your service/product offerings.

Assessing your Website Visits

This involves determining which one of your adopted digital marketing strategies is bringing more traffic to your website. Observing the traffic trends over a certain period will give you an idea of the effectiveness of your campaign. For instance, you will want to evaluate the traffic from organic search, which is accomplished by performing an SEO health check that includes the following aspects:

  • Unique content: If you’re looking to have an excellently performing website over a wide range of search engines, you will want to ensure that your content is unique in addition to being of superior quality. It is, therefore, imperative to run frequent examinations to eliminate the issues of duplicate content.
  • Keywords: Another indispensable component of an effective SEO health check is reviewing your keywords. To begin with, conduct in-depth research to discover the appropriate keywords that might potentially pave your way to dominating your market niche. Target some of these keywords to optimize the elements on your webpage. More importantly, constantly examine the various SEO benefits that these keywords bring to your business. In the event that they are barely beneficial, consider either implementing alternative click-productive keywords or even get an overhaul of your on-page optimization strategies.

Every digital marketing campaign is aimed at impacting a positive return on investment. A marketing strategy will either attract visitors to your blog or raise awareness of your brand. Whichever your purpose, it’s important to ensure that your promoting efforts are worth your while by performing a digital marketing health check regularly. Before launching a digital campaign, ensure that you have specific goals to be attained, which are also capable of being measured.