Easy and Reliable Ideas to generate Sales on your Instagram Account

Easy and Reliable Ideas to generate Sales on your Instagram Account

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Instagram users know that there is a growing potential. And, if you want to get it, then you need to reach to more and more customers. But how do you boost your sales via Instagram? Nowadays, you can sell products of your e-commerce website via social media and Instagram is the best means so far to fulfill it, especially if you have apparels, products, skin care items, natural food items and makeup stuff.

Tips to boost your sale on Instagram

  1. Transform your Instagram profile to a business profile first

There are several things which you can do increase your sales via Instagram and one of them is to convert your personal profile to a business profile. It is important to make your page look utterly professional. It shouldn’t appear as an amateur account. If you don’t know how to do it, then first find about it.

  1. Edit the details for your business profile

If you have added an email ID for your customers to contact you after transforming your page to business profile, put your phone number in its place. Customers should see all the important contact details of the seller when they come to your page. If you have a retail store, then put your address too. If you have a website, then enter your site address. Remember the major idea to sell on Instagram is to connect and support your customers in the best possible way.

  1. Handle your images well

Instagram sales largely rely on how well you display your products. You can raise your sales potential by opting for fashionable product photography which expresses the colors, quality and design of your products well. Make sure you don’t put unclear and messy images. There should be complete detailing in the pictures. Also remember to give visual description of the product with detailed info.

  1. Reply, comment and answer the queries

Customer satisfaction and feedback is a vital issue all across the world. Hence you should immediately respond to customer’s queries, feedbacks and comments. If you want to sell your product on Insta, then you have to be available for your customers 24×7.

  1. Organize campaigns

In order to sell your services or products, you should organize contest, campaigns, lottery schemes and promotional offers. These activities enhance the sale of any product and also bring in a large number of  likes for you. When you organize recommendation and referral programs, people share your posts, make comments and this way you have a complete new audience with you.

  1. Buy likes

Lastly, after you have done all the efforts, then you should buy 100 instagram likes. These followers are organic traffic which gets interested in your products and services and share your posts and products with other people too to convert leads to sales. It is a great way to boost immediate sales.


In order to sell on Instagram, you should get as many likes as possible by doing all the tactics. Buy 100 Instagram likes and go for a slow but sturdy start. The more the number of likes, the more sales will come in.