Excel database software can be complicated

Excel database software can be complicated

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Excel database software

Converting excel spreadsheets into web database applications is not complicated at all if you know the tricks of the trade. A bit of training and coaching by the experts would help you to tide over the situation or more likely the moment of inertia.

Excel chaos

Popularly known as Excel Chaos, the problem is much more predominant while the professionals endeavor to organize and share by email. The problem gets aggregated as the volume becomes big and unmanageable. As luck would have it corruption, seepage and confusion creeps in and in the process sacrificing the required clarity substantially.

The percolation of data gets broken and ceases to be seamless spoiling the entire process of call for action. The decision-making becomes tough and sometimes inconsistent and even standstill if the excel database software is incorrect.

There could be enormous losses, wastage of time and security lapses in case the problem is rectified. The excel database software is critical and detrimental to the organizations in multiple ways and can have a cascading effect. The lacuna persists as the filtering of data, updates and obsolete data becomes a Herculean task.

Excel database software Solutions

There are well accepted and proven solutions available to circumvent this problem. The technology advances give the organizations clear advantage in

  • Identifying the problem
  • Segregating the different data
  • Correct application to tackle for different segments like the automobile, export, inventory, etc
  • Special adaptability to CAD/CAE
  • The optimum solution for CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)
  • Tailor-made Excel database software to suit your specific need.

Size that matter

The acceptance of Excel is not that universal and without apprehension. One reason for the love-hate response is the lack of awareness. For a novice, the Excel would be mind-boggling with so many rows, columns, and equations.  Until such time the user gets the hang of it, the excel as such would be somewhat dreaded.

Even though Excel is one of the most useful and multipurpose mediums an organization, the wholehearted acceptance is a bit too far.  With excel sharing and collaboration with multiple teams and organize project management becomes the most viable. The size of the organization is immaterial as well as the load structures as far as the implementation of excel software solution is concerned.

Definite Advantage an organization can have

There are difficulty and accuracy of transferring excels to the web application. However, one has to keep in mind that Excel is not a Database. Some of the benefits of excel to web application software include:

  1. Security:
  2. After converting excel to a web application, this can be made secure and non-editable, but al programmable.
  3. Updates in real time
  4. Update is possible
  5. Controllability
  6. You can control the use
  7. Customizable  
  8. You can customize the application
  9. Integration
  10. Integration with existing or future is feasible