Factors to Consider When Adding Your new Solar Panels to Existing System

Factors to Consider When Adding Your new Solar Panels to Existing System

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If you happen to be among the people who are already evolving and going solar then you’ve already reduced or rather eliminated any chance of incurring any electricity bill whatsoever, but adding more solar panels may seem like the best thing to do if your solar panel system is below what you require or you increase your consumption due to new appliances and this where NRG upgrade solar panel experts can help you out.

The processes included in adding extra panels to your already existing solar panels is not originally going to be the same as when you first installed. So if you’re looking for the best suitable options to consider, here are few key factors to help you:

  • Number of Solar Panels Needed

How many solar panels do I really need added? This is the first question to have in your mind, as this exact question will make an impact on your add-on project and system design. Meet with your installer and let him guide you on the number of additional panels you really need.

  • Space for the New Panels

Additional space is required for installing in the new solar panels, so if you happen to have just a rooftop system with a constrained space then it is a big NO for adding extra solar panels. Although ground mount systems have proven to be quite a good replacement as it can be easier to add because most people who have ground mount for their solar panels also have a lot of sunny land available.

  • The Upgrade of the Solar Panels and its Compatibility

Always try to take note of the panels used in the original installation and also meet your professional solar panel installer to let you know if any component required an upgrade in order for a better compatibility. Although research has it that your solar panels can last as long as 25 to 30 years, there is no harm in asking your installer to check your original system.

  • Replacement of Inverter

Does your inverter have enough space to hold additional panels? Depending on the amount of new capacity you are willing to add you will however need to replace your inverter. Tell your installer to size your central inverter; this is basically done on the level of output of your panels. This is advisable because when your panels produce a Direct Current (DC) electricity your inverter converts it into Alternating Current (AC), the power of such inverter can sometimes be a bit smaller than the ones of the panels due to energy loss during conversion, if this is ignored your solar panels will be generating more electricity than your already available inverter can handle.

These factors amongst others are basically very essential to ensure a better installation for an additional solar panel to the already existing system so with NRG upgrade solar panels you’re assured reduced dependencies on utility companies.

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