Five Advantages of Small Businesses Outsourcing IT Companies

Five Advantages of Small Businesses Outsourcing IT Companies

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These days, not many businesses can operate without the knowledge of information technology, something that was little known in the yesteryears. The advancement of technology and information technology has enabled firms to make rooftop profits and realize their dreams. That said, small companies strive to hire IT companies to enhance their business goals in the current business climate. While maintaining a fulltime IT staff can prove to be costly and inefficient for startups, they now see the need to instead outsource their IT needs to knowledgeable consultants who are gurus in creating support systems. You can check out the Blog – PagerDuty for several helpful insights on IT support. Here are some of the benefits that a small business can realize when they work with an IT company:

Access to Industry Experts and New Technologies

Most small-scale businesses may not afford some of the topnotch resources that the IT Companies have. These companies have professionals in all aspects of information technology and hiring one means you are hiring a team of experienced experts who will help in every aspect of IT needs. What’s more, they have strong partnerships with other technology providers who give them in-depth insight on the latest systems and products in the market. Hiring them ensures that you benefit from various discounts and deals as well as the right tools for the job that you couldn’t have assembled yourself.

Cost Reduction

Upon hiring an external IT firm, you save money in other areas at the end of the day, since the company is not a direct employee of the startup. For example, the business owner does not have to worry about providing certain insurance covers, training, benefits, retirement fund, workspace, or vacation days. It is only when your business requires IT tasks to be completed that they hire the firm for a specified timeframe and this allows for a cost-effective and also efficient use of time.

Increased Security for your Business Data

Cybersecurity threats get worse by the day. Cyber-attacks affect not only large enterprises but also small businesses. In fact, a study by the U.S. National Cyber Security Alliance revealed that up to 62% of all small businesses are targeted each year, while up to 60% of them get out of business within six months after the attack. With a good IT firm for your small business, you would keep yourself safe for they usually conduct cybersecurity assessment for your network and identify potential threats before it is too late. They will then establish the data security protocol and develop a recovery solution for you. Again, some IT firms will also advise and train your employees to deal with viruses and potentially dangerous malware keeping your business data safe.

Improved productivity

It has been proven that technologically-based communication increases productivity in a company among other things. Email exchanges on-network calls and chats can only happen seamlessly when the servers and various IT platforms are working in tandem and optimally. An IT company brings in a team that is entirely dedicated to see that these systems work best at all times, therefore increasing your performance and productivity. When productivity increases, the small business also realizes profits.


As much as technology is expensive, it is a necessity in the modern business landscape. From time to time, your small business would need frequent upgrades and maintenance that would seem ‘Greek’ to the novice business owner or board members. An IT company will always offer you essential tips and advice and convince any opposition to see the broader picture of acquiring or doing certain upgrades that are advantageous to the business. In the end, the business owner stays stress-free knowing that all matters concerning IT in the firm are handled by a knowledgeable and dedicated team.


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