Focus on Business Growth with a Serviced Office

Focus on Business Growth with a Serviced Office

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For many businesses, the search for office space can be a frustrating one. On top of looking for affordable space, businesses are tasked with finding space that will give them the right amount of exposure. In a country like Thailand, finding suitable office space without the premium price tag can be a daunting task.

The serviced office, however, gives start-ups and other businesses the opportunity to lease office space in some of the more prestigious locations without exhausting a lot of money in overhead. This leasing option works because it provides businesses with a fully furnished office that is equipped with the same office equipment found in standard offices. The serviced office works because it allows business owners to focus on running their business, as opposed to focusing on relocating or expanding their business.

Let’s take a look at how the serviced office can assist you with setting up your office and help you to grow your business.

Flexible Leasing              

Serviced office leasing lifts the weight of having to find a lease that might ask you to commit to a protracted contract. Many of the larger leasing companies ask you to only commit to as little as a month, which is great especially for start-ups that do not know how long they will be in the area. This flexible leasing can also benefit businesses that want to test out markets because, again, you do not have to worry about moving furniture and setting up utilities and other amenities, as this is taken care of by the leasing company.  Check out Servcorp Thailand’s site at to see the various plans available to businesses.


This flexibility in the leases allows for your business to grow as you attract more clients. Let’s say, right now you are working out of a serviced office, but find you need space. You only need contact the leasing agent, and they will modify your lease. All of this can be completed very quickly.

With conventional leasing, you would be required to commit to at least a year’s contract, and if you decide to leave before the lease is up, you are charged for breaking the lease. If you needed to expand, you would have to either find space in your current location or move to another building. Furthermore, unlike the serviced office, you would need to plan at least nine months in advance to move to another location.


Another great advantage of going with a serviced office is these offices sit on some of the most sought-after business addresses. This is important because first impressions matter and a location that sits in a major central business district can give your business the exposure it needs. With a prestigious address and dedicated number, you convey to prospective clients a professional image, which is attractive to business growth.

Technology Tools

Serviced office plans always come equipped with IT services, and some leasing options provide their offices with some of the latest technologies. In addition to basic internet services (email), businesses have access to document sharing programs, video-conferencing, and a host of online functions. For productivity, you not only work with some of the best technological services, but these technologies facilitate business growth.

Serviced Office – Solution for Office Space

The serviced office has saved many business countless dollars in overhead. More importantly, it has boosted productivity just in terms of the amount of time businesses no longer spend searching for appropriate office space. For businesses, the serviced office lease can fit your business out with luxurious furniture and professional grade office equipment and support, but more importantly, gives you the freedom to focus on your business.