Ford Technology That Adds Comfort, Convenience, and Confidence Driving In Winter

Ford Technology That Adds Comfort, Convenience, and Confidence Driving In Winter

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Along with the ball drop in Times Square, the temperatures dramatically fall during the early part of the year. As the chilliest days of winter start to arrive, drivers bundle up and brace for ice, sleet, and snow — the heavy hitters of the wintry mix trifecta. Even with short Indiana winters, the vehicles of Ford Indianapolis come loaded with innovation to give you an extra layer of confidence. To assist you as you travel on the roads against the unpredictable elements of Old Man Winter, various Ford models have four valuable, smart technology features.

Remote Start System

With a keyless engine start feature available on a variety of models, you can get your vehicle running from up to a distance of 300 feet. Not only do the remote controls of the system turn on the ignition from yards away, but you can command the thermostat to preheat the inside temperature too. That way, you and anyone who travels along can begin the ride in comfort from the moment the doors open. If a vehicle does not have remote start, it is available at Ford Accessories for you to add.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

AdvanceTrac is an excellent mechanism that keeps your vehicle from skidding or sliding to the side while driving on slippery road conditions. The ESC works to improve traction command by reducing wheel spin when increasing speed. This smart system makes use of multiple sensors, which can apply selective braking as you drive or regulate alteration of the engine’s power.

Camera Washer

Front- or rear-facing cameras are great for added visibility. Besides dirt, which ends up covering the lens after a while, winter’s icy conditions mean road salt might cause issues. Similar to dirt and debris, salt also adds filth to obstruct your outside view when using the camera. The washer is very helpful by ensuring you keep sight sharp without difficulty.


The 2018 Ford Indianapolis vehicles that have SYNC Connect installed, allow drivers to use the FordPass mobile app on their phone to do the following:

  • Heat driver and passenger seats, if it is an existing manual function.
  • Start the vehicle’s ignition.
  • Warm up the interior.
  • Schedule times to start.
  • Find local gas stations, compare pricing, and filter fuel by brand or grade.

The FordPass app for iOS or Android-powered mobile devices allows you to view maintenance history and other automobile information from anywhere on the go. If your vehicle requires service attention, you can receive notifications and other alerts. For vehicles that come equipped with SYNC Connect, the app can serve as a digital fuel gauge to make you aware of when approaching fill-up time.

With the winter-friendly smart technologies of Ford Indianapolis automobiles, you can drive safer with extra comfort and more confidence getting to your destination when the weather outside is frightful.

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