Health Industry Mobile App License Reminder

Health Industry Mobile App License Reminder

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As a Health Professional, chances are you have at least your First-Aid and CPR certifications. If you specialize in a particular field or fields, then you will doubtless have a lot more certifications and medical licenses that allow you to perform your work… right? With so many certifications and licenses, each having its own expiry date, it can be a challenging to keep on top of them all. ID’d reminder app is here to help!

So, what would happen if you were to continue practicing with an unintentionally expired license? it would not just present an inconvenience, it could potentially impact your career! And that’s something that doesn’t bare thinking about.

You’ve devoted your life to helping others, so wouldn’t it be nice for someone to look out for you once in a while? Sure, it would! Imagine having an app devoted to keeping all of your certifications in good standing, ready to give you timely reminders… well imagine no more! ID’d is the Mobile Reminder App, trusted by Health Professionals to do exactly that!

How does it work? Rather simply… With ID’d you create a profile for each licence or certification under your chosen category and then set its expiry date. The App also allows you to record a digital image on your mobile device of the front and back of your ID, giving you quick and easy access to important information without having to carry a bulky wallet around everywhere. Once all of your information is saved, you can now enter a reminder from 30, 60 or 90 days, giving you plenty of time to renew your license or certification. Reminders are sent to your mobile device straight from the app and also in the form of an email alert. Practical convenience for a modern world.

ID’d is available to download FREE from the Apple App Store or Google Play with the option to add more licenses as needed. With 3 main categories to chose from; Personal, Professional & Recreational, your license, certifications and many other forms of ID can be easily saved and quickly found. There is even a secure wallet section for credit card info! In about 30 seconds, ID’d is working for you to keep you current.

WEBSITE: Health Industry License Reminder app

While the law may require you to carry certain forms of original documentation on your person, having a record on your mobile device is still very convenient. Always make sure you follow Local, Provincial and Federal laws as they apply.