How Can You Choose the Best Wireless Access Point?

How Can You Choose the Best Wireless Access Point?

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Wireless networking is definitely more convenient, and more and more people are opting for it. The problem comes if you choose the wrong one as then it leads to speed loss ranging from moderate to severe, signal degradation etc.

To benefit from wireless networks to the maximum, the choice of ideal AP (access point) is crucial. It is the workhorse of today’s enterprise network which acts as a central transmitter receiving the radio signals and connecting them to a router. There are different APs that differ in terms of performance rates, radios, antennas etc. and one needs to keep in mind few tips to choose the best one.

Upgradeability: The wireless LAN standards are evolving continuously and thus it is important to choose the AP that supports firmware upgrades. The professionals like Solutions Safda offer a central access point, which helps in automatically allocating the upgrade to all other access points in the network.

Pricing: At times people go for low prices when selecting wireless access points which often doesn’t include the support tools. While choosing, make sure to choose the one that includes the support tools even if it is slightly higher in price. It is worth as it justifies its higher cost by saving you from many future problems including the time taken in installing the wireless LAN and managing it.

Range: The APs are accessed by multiple users, all through the day on a number of devices. It is mandatory for it to work efficiently. Choose one with range enhancements so as to minimize the number required and also the cost.

Regulatory Compliance: The vendor you choose should be complying with all the regulatory implications applicable in the country. This is important because the APs have to be certified with an appropriate regulatory body and if the vendor gives you uncertified or wrongly certified products you might end up in a problem.

Operating Temperatures: Almost all APs work efficiently in normal temperatures that typically exist in any office. The problem comes when they are used in extreme temperatures like in a manufacturing plant or a warehouse. Choose the one that is capable of enduring extreme temperatures in case it is your requirement.

Most of the access points used today are user-friendly. They are both easy to install and maintain. If you keep the above points in mind you will definitely succeed in choosing the best one.

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