How Important Is Page Speed If You Want To Succeed Online

How Important Is Page Speed If You Want To Succeed Online

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There is no denying that working with a trusted SEO company Virginia will surely enhance your current Google ranking, but what other factors are considered by the search engine giant when ranking your website? As every business owner knows, earning a high ranking is the best way to ensure you succeed online, but how can this be done with the multitude of competitors also trying to conquer the online market?

Everyone with a little knowledge of how search engine optimization works know that content will help with the ranking, as well as quality online traffic, backlinks, and a number of other factors. However, there is one important factor that many website owners forget to take into consideration: page speed. Here’s everything you need to know about this factor and its role in increasing your current Google ranking:

What Is Page Speed?

As the name suggested, page speed is the time it takes for your website to load. Google measures both the time a website loads in a mobile device, a desktop, and a laptop. The higher the speed in all types of devices, the better the score your website will receive which will give you a better boost on the search engine ranking.

Why Is Page Speed Important?

The most important reason why Google considers page speed as a factor for ranking websites are the users. People on the internet are very impatient and will not wait too long for one landing page to load before looking for another, faster website instead. Simply put yourself in the shoes of a user and imagine having to wait 30 seconds or longer for a website to load. It is just not worth it when there are other websites that are faster and mobile-friendlier.

If you never thought of asking an SEO Company Virginia to upgrade your website design to make it faster and also mobile-friendly, the time is now. Don’t wait until your website is ranked farther than the third result pages because anything beyond the second page is usually invisible to users.

How To Increase Page Speed

Now that it is established that page speed is a factor for both the website visitor and Google ranking, here are some ways you can increase your website’s page speed and ensure you earn a well-deserved search engine ranking:

Image Optimization – One of the main causes of a slow website are the images. If there are too many images on one page, and all of them are large sizes it can take a long time to load. Make sure to limit the images and optimize them as well to increase the page speed.

Host Files Locally – Hosting all of your files locally increases the speed drastically as compared to relying on an external hosting site.

Invest In Professional Website Design – Don’t trust just anyone with your website; let experienced pros handle the job to ensure high-quality results.

Don’t let a slow webpage bring you down and ruin your chances of success in the online world. Upgrade your website and see your ranking reach the optimum levels sooner rather than later.

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