How Smart PPE and Wearables Are Improving Construction Safety

How Smart PPE and Wearables Are Improving Construction Safety

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It’s essential for a company to ensure the safety of their workforce so they can ensure the efficiency of services rendered in the human environment which won’t only be beneficial for the business. Safety has become the increased focus for work site research that happened in the past, and there have been a lot of technological advancements developed for this purpose.

One of which is the PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, designed to keep employees safe while they’re at work. To give you a better idea of what PPE is all about, we’re going to discuss the latest trends that are happening, and the challenges companies often face.

While PPE may seem like an old and irrelevant topic, this aspect of the construction industry has seen substantial innovation in the past decade.

What Is a Personal Protective Equipment?

These are the equipment worn to lessen the exposure to hazards that could cause serious accidents and injuries within the workplace. These injuries may be the result from direct contact with radiological, physical, chemical, electrical, mechanical, and other workplace hazards that would put a man’s safety to risk.

PPE could be anything from gloves, safety vests, glasses, earplugs, hard hats, muffs, respirators, coverall, and even body suits.

The Latest PPE Trends

Perhaps, one of the most significant trends in PPE would be the desire of employees to have workday safety gear, such as safety vests, that aside from giving the protection they need, it’s also stylish at the same time. To achieve that, the manufacturers make it a point that there would be a fusion of compliance and style.

Workers would be able to choose safety clothing that doesn’t only protect them, but they’ll also love to wear. This is a win-win situation for both workers and employers because employers would have the assurance that everyone will be wearing their safety gear, and this would reduce the risks of accidents and injuries.

For instance, workers who have to wear flame-resistant apparel doesn’t have to settle for a rigid, rough woven work clothes that are very uncomfortable. They could choose from a wide range of fabrics that aren’t only stylish but would also help them stay safe.

Worker Style and Comfort

It’s essential for workers to be able to wear something safe, yet comfortable. That’s why worker preferences regarding comfort and style are being taken into consideration when making safety products.

To support that, specialty designs in safety eyewear have been very crucial– this includes temple flexibility, custom sizes, bifocal safety lenses, and even unique frame colors that could also improve safety. These improvements have helped users ensure that safety while remaining stylish as well.

IoT technology makes it possible to determine the best equipment for individual workers, and track the use of equipment to make sure workers are complying with various laws. At the same time, the technology helps managers see how they can improve productivity on the job site.

Impact on Productivity

Safety managers are in search of ways where PPE won’t only protect the workers, but it would allow workers to maintain a high level of productivity. There have been some situations in the past where proper PPE has a negative effect on the productivity of the worker.

For instance, when it comes to handling dangerous chemicals, workers have no choice but to wear gloves that would give them the dexterity they need, but not enough to protect them at all. This is why with the latest product innovations, they actually focused on delivering safety equipment that provides a reasonable level of dexterity, and protection.

The Idea Behind Smart Services Safety Intelligence System

The idea behind is that PPE has the ability to interact with other high visibility clothing, even without the input from the wearer as it’s a self-powered device that gets its energy from solar panels. This merely indicates that their battery will charge as long as there’s enough lighting within the area. As for the hardware, it can easily be programmed, and it would continuously monitor all the events happening.

For that reason, safety vests are often used by those working in underground parking lots, tunnels, industrial buildings, airports, and other places with a similar setting. They allow accurate location of maintenance staff to prevent accidents and ensure that a minimum safety radius around the worker is observed. This solution improves the safety of workers, primarily when they are working on dangerous tasks.

The future of PPE innovations in the construction industry will help propel the future growth of this sector while also improving the safety of workers.

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