How To Keep Listening Music On Your iPhone 7 Even When You Don’t Have EarPods

How To Keep Listening Music On Your iPhone 7 Even When You Don’t Have EarPods

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Some called it an innovation, but for most users, the removal of headphone jack from iPhone 7 was a cruel step taken by the company to trimmer down the overall thickness of the device. Even today there are plenty of devices available in the markets which are of the same thickness as iPhone 7, yet they have headphone jacks. In case you are an iPhone user and own a model with no headphone jack, you are left with very few options to try. The one option provided by the company in this direction is EarPods which use Bluetooth to connect with your iPhone 7 and can be used to play music or talk to anyone. Though they look cool to use, you cannot be 100% sure while using them during gym session or running or any other activities which demand continuous movements from your side. If you are worried about this condition and want to get rid of this insecurity of losing your expensive EarPods, then this guide is all you need to read. By the time you finish it, you’ll know the exact way through which you can uplift your music listening experience on iPhone 7.

Start Using Smart Headphones

You may have heard the term smartphones and smart computers tens of thousands of times, but this is the first occasion when you’re going to come across a term called smart headphones. In a device like Apple where there is no headphone jack to listen to music using normal headphones, you can simply use LightningCans and revamp the overall music experience effectively. The process is so simple that you don’t require any rocket science knowledge to use them. Besides, they give you the freedom to move around without thinking anything about losing headphones just like you do while using earpods.

So, in case you are determined to change the way you feel while listening music on your latest iPhone, start using these smart headphones without any further delay. They’ll not only make you look cool and move around freely but also save a huge amount of money which otherwise you spend on buying new pieces of headphone provided exclusively by Apple.

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