Important Tips And Tricks For Advanced Mac VPN users

Important Tips And Tricks For Advanced Mac VPN users

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Virtual Private Networks have emerged as a complex corporate system that needs comprehensive IT administrators to manage. Several years of continued development and progress has made VPN technology intuitive, elaborated, and trusted solutions for personal use. VPN is used to make online business communication and as a means to access the needed resources securely. Below are a few tips and tricks that you can use to enhance your OS X VPN experience.

Access to “geo-restricted” content

VPN is the best answer to such restrictions. By selecting a foreign VPN server, one can easily access services and websites that are restricted or prohibited in your region. For example, with this service, you can watch BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix, from any part of the world.

More options at the same price

A few firms such as streaming media, telecom services etc. set up private deals with content creators. Such contracts can limit the media providers to distribute content to specific locations. So, by switching VPN servers straight from your MacBook, you will be provided with several options to select from. The best part is that you would not need to pay a cent for extra streaming subscriptions.

No time-restricted content

There are certain websites that enable people to read their content or use their services for only a limited time span. Such method prevents users to consider their services for future or make them pay.

The way these websites work is by tracking the IP address of the user and calculating the timeframe for which they were on their website. When the timeframe exceeds beyond the permissible limit, their access to the content or services gets disabled. By switching on the VPN on your Mac, you can simply modify your IP. This will make you appear as a new person and you’ll be able to enjoy the web content/services for more time.

Router and VPN:

To set up a free VPN for Mac accounts on each and every device can be a lot of hassle. You can set up a VPN account on the home router, to connect fast and save your effort and time. The only issue is that not every single router would support VPN accounts. So, you need to check the settings of the router to determine, which one will be compatible with your account.

Monitor battery life:

VPN usage can lead to the draining of mobile or MacBook batteries very fast. There are no such adjustments that you can do in VPN to stop this issue. All you can do is carry a portable battery or a charger whenever needed.

Avoid excessive use:

Some parts of the amount of the VPN traffic still may be calculated by the “deep packet” inspection (DPI). If a person continuously uses a VPN service, then his IP address can get restricted. You do not really need to use a VPN every time you go online. So, keep in your mind to use VPN only in important situations, when things cannot be handled normally.


VPN’s have an enormous potential and depth hidden within them. I hope these tips will help you learn how to use a VPN in the right way to improve your daily Mac experience.