IP Phones in the Market That You Should Know About

IP Phones in the Market That You Should Know About

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IP phones are different from the normal telephone or landlines in that they rely on Internet connection to make a call. IP phones are known for their convenience in using one network to connect all your devices, instead of both network line and landline needed when using a telephone.

The IP phones that you should consider

  1. One of the known names in the IP phone industry is Avaya – known for the Avaya 1608 Phones as well as the Avaya 1616 IP Phone, some of the most cost effective IP phones in the market today. A desk-ready phone, this phone is recommended for users who receive up to 5-6 calls per day, not relying on calls as their main form of communication.

Some main features of the phone include a bright, backlit display, support for multiple call conferences, 2-way speakers, dual lamp LEDs, fixed feature keys, and a context-sensitive user interface with soft keys which give a great user experience.

  1. In contrast, the Avaya 1616 Phones are designed for navigator users such as receptionists, assistants and managers who answer, transfer and monitor calls through their work day. To help this group of people, the IP phone has the most number of one-touch line buttons which help to reach different people in the organization without the need to scroll through an on-screen list.

Some main features of this phone include upgradable firm ware, 8 personalized ring patterns and dual ethernet ports. It also allows for either static or dynamic address assignment.

With all these features and capabilities yet still priced affordably, both the 1608 IP Phone and the 1616 IP Phone are great options for as one of the go-to IP phones available in market for targeted consumer use.