Laser Engraving from Buying Equipment to Making Money

Laser Engraving from Buying Equipment to Making Money

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Laser engraving is an overlooked business opportunity with the potential for consistent revenue and repeat business if you follow through. The following will discuss the basics of buying a laser engraving system and ways you can use it to make money.

Choosing a Laser System

  • Service is the first and the most essential element to consider when you’re investing in a laser engraving machine. It’s less about the brand than you might think, than it is about the level of customer service and technical support you get from the dealer selling the equipment to you. Cheaper is also not a good consideration, because cheaper isn’t the best way to think in this case. It can cost you more to go cheap with a laser engraver.
  • Power is a crucial element of investing in this kind of equipment. The first thing to know is that you need one with a minimum of 25 watts of power, but 50 watts is even better. Air assist is also an important feature to consider. All the other features are optional.
  • Bed size is an important consideration. As a matter of fact, the bigger engraving bed size you can get, the better. Consider how much room you have for the equipment, what kinds of products you’ll be engraving, and how much you’re able to invest. The minimum size for a business is 12” by 24”. Anything smaller will prove less than functional. If you only have room for a table top model, they come in only 12” by 16” and 12” by 18”, which will limit cutting and engraving 12” by 24” stock, but you can cut it down to fit.

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Choosing Your Product

No one can guarantee you’ll make money with any specific type of product, but the following are the most popular and profitable for laser engraving businesses.

  • Perpetual Plaques – These are used in grocery stores, retail stores, and other industries to show off their employee(s) of the month and sales superstars.
  • Acrylic – Mementos and awards in acrylic are popular with corporate clients because of the elegance and how lovely these awards look when they are engraved. It’s also a high-profit margin for you and acrylic is ideal for laser engraving.
  • Labels & Special Stickers – Labels are used for tools, control switches, and pipes, while decal stickers are ideal on other products. Legends that provide information on control panels are good for a laser business.

Other popular products with a great return on your investment include stainless steel plates, rubber stamps, plastic signs, multilingual products, barcode labels, and safety awards and recognition products. You can find more ideas for applications here.

Whether you choose the gift or specialty/custom market, trophy and award market, or corporate market, you will find yourself creating interesting, laser engraved items while you make good money. You can even go into all these markets if you have the time, energy, and staff to help you, because you will be busy.

With some business advertising, great products and customer service, hard work, easy-to-find business location, and a little bit of luck, a laser engraving business is a good investment of your money and time.

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