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League of Legends

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As technologies improve everything else improves as well including all the products and services that we have at our disposal. We are provided with so many options to choose from, that our decisions can become quite difficult. It is the same for the massive market of online games.

There are so many different genres of games that it makes it difficult for people to know which one they would enjoy the most. Even games from the same genre can be so different. Every game developer tries to make their game unique in ways that are different from their competitors.

We will be looking at the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre, focusing on one of the originals – League of Legends featured on the op-boost.com website.

About League of Legends

League of Legend is a leading name in the genre. LoL came out on October 27, 2009 – released by Riot Games. Its creation was largely due to the new-found success of the original MOBA – Warcraft: Defence of the Ancients (DotA).

Players control a ‘champion’, in a 30-60-minute game against other players. Teams divide up and do battle in their respective ‘lanes’ – of which there are 3. Each lane has non-controllable ‘minions’.

Players start at level 1 and with minimal gold. By killing enemies, players gain gold and experience. This allows strengthens their champions, by leveling up and buying items. The maximum level is 18 and the game ends when the team’s ‘nexus’, their base, is destroyed.

LoL has grown into one of the most played and watched online game. Riot Games estimated that they had over 80 million active monthly players in 2017.

Why is LoL popular?

LoL is one of the original three MOBA games that gave rise to this extremely popular genre.

The e-sports community grew exponentially since 2009, and these games were at the head. LoL was rewarded for their uniqueness, as they incorporated aspects that were slightly different to its competitors. This resulted in them taking the top spot and becoming the most played e-sport in the world.

This resulted in one of the largest competitive gaming communities, and at the 2017 LoL World Championship, 24 teams played for a total prize pool of $4,596,591 –  the largest of any LoL tournament. This level of competition is attractive to players who hope to find success and become professional gamers.

What is to like?

  • Strategy – To become good at a MOBA, one has to master some of the most complex game environments around. Players must be highly strategic and must use every moment of gameplay to get ahead of their enemies.
  • Lore – The storyline behind LoL is very attractive to many players. Every champion has a story, and this helps bring each game to life.
  • Matchmaking – LoL makes use of the typical MOBA matchmaking system, where players are placed together based on experience levels and skill.
  • In-Game purchases – Despite being free, LoL offers in-game purchases related mainly to aesthetic aspects – such as champions’ attire – which provides additional enjoyment.
  • Competition – The highly competitive environment is attractive to players who like to improve and test their skills against other players. The prize money is also something to work towards. For those who aren’t as interested in this, there is also non-competitive gameplay.


LoL is a game that has been around since the rise of MOBAs and wouldn’t have survived in the top spot for this long if it wasn’t enjoyed by many players. If you enjoy fighting and strategy – whether competitively or casually –  LoL is a game that you could be interested in.