Local SEO Tips for January Sales & 2019 Holidays

Local SEO Tips for January Sales & 2019 Holidays

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Christmas 2018 for website owners, meant one of two things, either they were facing the busiest periods or the quietest, there simply is no in-between. Either way, you should be looking to ensure that your website’s SEO is as impeccable as possible before December 2019 arrives!

Just some of the SEO based factors that you should be considering for SEO in 2019 at this time include the following:

Local business listings – If you haven’t yet set up local business listings you need to now, and if you have already set them up, you need to make sure that all of your company details are 100% accurate.

Eliminate duplicate listings – Make sure that there are no duplicate listings of your business, otherwise duplicate listings could conflict and leave your customers unable to find your store. You should ensure that you do not have any duplicate business listings throughout the year as an ongoing process.

Make sure your opening hours are correct – When checking your business listings to ensure that your information is accurate you need to take into consideration any longer/shorter hours your store may be open over the holiday periods, ensure that your local listings reflect your changed hours.

Add holiday-based keywords to your PPC campaigns – If you are utilises PPC as well as SEO you should consider using holiday based keywords within your campaigns, bearing in mind that consumers search differently when shopping for Christmas gifts or January sale gifts, often including terms word such as ‘January’ and ‘sale’.


Of course, these are only some of the local SEO tips that you need to take care of including optimizing your content, making empathy a part of your strategy, tracking analytics carefully, optimizing titles and descriptions for the search engines, utilising social media platforms to attract even more new customers and ensuring that you are equipped to handle both online and offline complaints quickly and efficiently.

If you would like professional assistance in ensuring that your SEO is as great as possible, we highly recommend that you seek SEO services in Manchester! Using a professional SEO company will enable you to sit back and relax, knowing that experts are taking care of your entire website’s SEO needs.