Major Difference To Know Between Printing Types: Vector V/s. Bitmaps!

Major Difference To Know Between Printing Types: Vector V/s. Bitmaps!

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If you have hired a designer to make a website, flyer or brochure they may ask for a vector version of the logo. You may get confused with different printing types. Vector images consist of shape, which is outlined from mathematical equations, result to a fine quality by zooming in. It is a file constructed from shapes, and when you zoom into a vector image, the picture quality remains sharp.

It is a creation of digital images through a sequence of commands that place lines and shape in two dimensional or three-dimensional spaces. Animation images are created in vector file.For the best logo designing check out the site.

Bitmap images are also known as raster images, and they are stored as a series of tiny dots called pixels. Each pixel is a very small square, which is assigned by a color and arranged in a pattern to form an image. When you zoom in the bitmap image, you can view individual pixels that make up that image.

The bitmap graphics can be edited by changing the color of the individual pixel by using a program like Adobe Photoshop.

Difference between Victor and Bitmaps Printing

  • Flexibility – Vector printing is flexible than bitmaps because they can be easily re-sized. The images stored as vector looks better when displayed on high-resolution monitors. The bitmap images look same regardless the resolution of a display.
  • Size of image – Vector images is smaller than bitmap images. The bitmap image store color information for each pixel that forms the image. A vector image store mathematical formulas that make up the image and thus take up less space.
  • Scalability – Vector images are more scalable than bitmap images. When bitmap image is scaled, you can see individual pixels that make up the image. You can notice the edges of the image. When vector image is scaled, the image will be redrawn using a mathematical formula. The resulting image remains original and smooth.
  • Supporting the internet Vector formats are not supported on the web. The two main popular image format supported on the web are GIF and JPEG, which are bitmap formats. The vector images have to be converted to bitmap images to get used on the web.
  • Usage – Bitmap image is used for high-density images or images with many different colors. Each pixel will have a different color, which can be overlapped for different color and shape. The vector image is limited, and the image has to be looped before it and can be filled with color. The vector images are usually used for logos.

The bitmap is good for images that are needed to have a wide range of color gradations, like most photographs. Vector, on the other hand, is better for images that consist of few area of solid color. Both vectors and bitmaps come incredibly useful in the world of photography and image.

There is a different type of things and options that suit specific purposes. Vectors are best to be utilized creating detailed images whereas bitmap tends to be optimal creating images of real-life nature.