Management Benefits of Mobile Maintenance Software

Management Benefits of Mobile Maintenance Software

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Movement. We like to move around. It’s how we survive. This could not be truer for facility managers and those involved in the facility management field. Building to building, wing to wing, location to location. Facility management involves the recording of data concerning the structures and components of structures. They then analyze this data to provide the information required to make important decisions concerning projects. Before the dawn of mobile devices, the recording of data was done on paper, then the data was transferred to a computer in a tedious data entry process. If this is you, you need mobile CMMS software. With increasing bandwidth and better access to the internet from virtually anywhere, more organizations in facility management are discovering how important mobile CMMS software is to workflows. Why do I need a Mobile CMMS for my business?

Access Information Where Maintenance Happens

Recording data and accessing information anywhere you may be is one advantage of incorporating mobile CMMS software into your business model. You and your workers can now be able to do the work while you work. Data is processed into information where you are. Decisions are made faster helping your company achieve a faster iterative learning process.

Most administrative tasks such as picking up calls or paperwork can be done online through mobile CMMS software. The impact on efficiency is huge. Cutting costs and improving productivity.

Benefits of Mobile Technology in My Facility Maintenance Team?

The mobile CMMS software you select should be able to display a similar interface across multiple devices. The software should work on a mobile phone, desktop computer or tablet. This adaptive interface ensures that your maintenance team is always on the same page.

A combination of your preferred mobile device and suitable mobile CMMS software gives you.

  • Minute by minute access to company or project reports anywhere you are. Thinking about reviewing the latest job report from your junior in the field? Well, you can.
  • On the go access to work orders. Open, view and complete any pending work orders. Get work done anywhere, anytime.
  • Access to all kinds of data and information including historical data concerning assets even while working on them. Look back in time and plan a better future. This helps in the making of forecasts.
  • The ability to share your projects photographs with team members as well as to also aid in the maintenance process.
  • An easily accessible inventory database. Cuts time needed for the recording and processing of data in relation to inventory.
  • Easy updates for parts inventory using radio frequency tags, online ordering systems or barcode scanning. Less lag time between inventory updates means you are always aware of your inventory issues.
  • Electronic and mobile access to any maintenance or repair manuals you need while you are on the field. The cuts in time wasted going back and forth from office to the field are huge.

Mobile devices are changing the way we live and work. Mobile CMMS software means that your team members and you spend less time working on paperwork and more time doing when they do best, maintenance. Find out if your device is CMMS compatible and begin your journey to more efficient facility management.

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