Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Storage Management Software

Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Storage Management Software

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After investing in the construction and development of your new storage facility, the next essential thing you need to do is invest in the right storage management software to ensure a smooth running of the business. Before rushing to buy the software, it is advisable that you first understand your storage needs. That way, you can settle for the software that will satisfy your needs and make operations in your storage facility easy and efficient. Besides, the software should not only meet your needs today but also in future as your business grows.

Features of storage management program

It is paramount that you get a clear understanding of all the features of a program before you buy storage management programs. The features and capabilities vary from one vendor to another. That is why you should not jump into investing in the software without discussing with the vendor the software’s capabilities and your company’s expectations. However, some features are common in almost all storage management applications.

One of the application’s capabilities is unified storage management. You can efficiently manage a few storage arrays. However, think of a situation where you have to handle more than one warehouse dealing with several different product types. Storage management applications enable storage facilities to view all their storage arrays in a single interface. The other common feature of these applications is storage reporting. The feature allows for the manager or warehouse owner to view the amount of free space available on each array, the arrays that are experiencing health issues, and the ones receiving highest read and write IOPS level.

Deduplication is another feature offered by most application delivers, though it varies from one developer to another. Some features are supported at hardware and management software level. Managers and store owners should also understand about the keying in on features. You should also consider the unified management console feature and the reporting and alert feature. You need to be sure that the software generates useful reports for your facility.

Mistakes to avoid when buying storage management program

It can be challenging determining the best software that will suit your needs in the future. Managers and business owners should be aware of these common mistakes and avoid them when buying storage management applications. Never make the mistake of letting the program dictate your business operations. You need flexible software that enables you to define and support the procedures and rules of your business.

Business owners and managers should avoid skimping on features such as automatic payment processing. That means that you will still spend time running some aspects manually, which means you waste labor, time and labor whereas the software is designed to do such tasks. Additionally, managers must avoid purchasing applications that don’t interface with the company’s other systems such as remote access and backup and online payment options.

Your company needs a proper storage management application to make the manager’s life easier than before. Most importantly, businesses need to partner with the right software provider. Besides, organizations should invest in staff training to ensure that they can use the software adequately.


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