Quick Guide to Designing a Website With Great Navigation

Quick Guide to Designing a Website With Great Navigation

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Your website is the online face of your business and having a good one is imperative to keep things in place. Various factors contribute to a user-friendly site and navigation is one of the most important ones. A site that is easy to navigate and where a user can easily find what he/she is looking for is sure to deliver you more loyal customers. Although you can simply hire a professional in web design company for the job, it is always helpful if you also know what makes up for a site with great navigation.

Below are some of the ways you can simplify the navigation structure of your website. These methodologies have helped several businesses gain, and you could be the next! Let’s get started.

Planning is Primary

Anything done without planning is useless or at least not productive. So it’s ideal first to plan your navigation structure in mind. Once you have decided everything you need, it’s time to figure out the purpose they will serve on your website. After doing all the math, you should create a list or a sitemap to organize it better. You can select from different formats for this.

Structurize It

This one is about organizing. While designing the website, things get easier if they have been properly planned and drafted. In such case, the designed site will be more intuitive and offer easy navigation to the users.

Number of Menus

The more your website offers, the more functional it would turn out to be. It implies you need to have more than one menu. Stuffing everything into a single menu would make things clumsy and difficult for the user to find the information he’/she is looking for. On the other hand, having too many menus on the home page is similarly irritating. See which menu needs a specific place and which things can be stuffed into one menu to make it simpler for visitors to locate information about you, about your product or service, or whatever they are looking for.

Using Specific Labels

This is the part where the use of key phrases becomes critical. When you use navigation based on key phrases, it transforms into a better and more productive strategy. Search engines better works for sites with descriptive navigations. Also, your users like it when the navigation bar is easy and clear.

Labels to Avoid

Stuffing products and service might not help as it’s not what your audience is searching for. You should concentrate more on using key phrases, topics, and more that are more specific, most searched, and easier for the search engines to locate. When used right, they can help improve your ranking meanwhile making it easy for your customers to find what they were looking.

No Drop Down

Many sites use the drop-down system for displaying menus. They make it difficult for users as well as search engines to decipher the information. Also, they are more annoying to your customers. So it’s better to avoid drop-down menus on your website and display things in an appealing ad simpler way.

Mind the Language

While labeling, you need to be more careful of your language. It’s good to be creative to stand apart from the competition yet don’t make it too complicated for the search engines and your audience to understand.

Other than these methods, you can also optimize the usage of links on your site for better navigation. If you feel you need help, you can look for web design services in Auckland as the experts there are professionally trained and experienced in all the aspects of website designing.