Take care of your thread gauges

Take care of your thread gauges

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Thread gauges are like precision tools. One should be very careful while handling them. However, accidents can occur. The question now is how one goes on to solve such issues regarding damages to thread gauges. Let us look at some of the possible scenarios you encounter in the industry.

Understand that thread gauges are primarily of two types, thread ring gauges and thread plug gauges. It is very much possible for thread gauges to get damaged due to normal wear and tear. In addition, there are also chances of people misusing or mishandling thread gauges. There are instances of people using thread gauges as hammers. It might sound ironical and funny, but it is true. People who are not very conversant with the use of gauges do tend to misuse them. Hence, it is imperative that you allow only trained people to handle these gauges.

What will happen if you drop a thread gauge accidentally on the hard industrial floor? The chances of disfigurement of the gauges are high if you drop them on the floor or use them in a manner in which you are not supposed to use them. The best way to overcome such a situation is to have replacement gauges ready on hand. Do not use the gauge that you suspect to have some damage. This is because it can give you the wrong result.

Do not trust any other kind of replacement gauge borrowed from a hardware shop or from another industry. It is always better to have your individual thread gauge because the requirements of each industry are different.

In case the gauge is worn out because of normal wear and tear, it is suggested that you get a replacement as soon as possible. Do not use worn out gauges to measure the tolerance levels. Maintaining adequate care of the thread gauges can result in the gauges serving you for longer periods. One should know how to use and maintain the thread gauges. It is better to remember the following principles.

Thread gauges are precision tools and should not be used in any of the following ways,

  • As thread cleaning devices
  • As de-burring tools
  • As thread chasing devices
  • As hammers
  • As lapping or re-sizing tools

Using them in these ways can damage the gauges beyond repair. Every tool has its utility. If you use them any way other than its intended use, you will face problems. The same logic applies to all precision tools in the industry.

The thread taps are also very delicate instruments. Dropping a tap on the floor can cause disfigurement of the grooves and the flutes thereby rendering them unusable. Even a minor nick on the flutes will cause problems. Hence, one has to be very careful while handling taps. Secondly, the flutes and the grooves can be sharp. Touching them with bare hands can cause bruises to the fingers. Hence, it is best to wear gloves while using them and do not allow these instruments come into contact with other equipment. This is how you take care of your thread gages and taps.