Techniques that Improve Memory

Techniques that Improve Memory

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Most of us are aware of how important it is to keep our minds active.  Most of us have heard all about, or at least something about, the benefits we can get from keeping our minds active – how improved memory can slow dementia or even improve someone’s condition who already has it or how improved memory equals improved job performance.  Well, here are some ways you can get your mind busy and active.

Words:  Reading books on a wide variety of topics, fiction and non-fiction; writing regularly – keeping a journal or diary, writing a personal blog or taking a creative writing class, even a hobby of writing short stories or poems is good brain exercise; or you might even take a foreign language course.  Reading to your children will stimulate your own brain too and it will build a good habit for your children and grandchildren.

Puzzles:  Word searches or crosswords; online memory games and puzzles at  ; jigsaw puzzles; even match three puzzles or MahJong on the internet exercise the mind.

Hobbies:  Practicing a hobby you already know – crochet, fishing, a collection of some sort – will stretch your brain muscles, if you will.  It is also extremely beneficial to learn as many truly new things as you can because new things exercise new muscles and, the more brain muscles you stretch and exercise, the greater the benefit will be.

Do Something Different Today:  alternate your route to work every day – this will give you a wider variety of stimulation everyday than just taking the same old, tired route every day; try a new food at least once per week – again, a wider variety of stimulation but also, you might get some extra nutrients too; try a brand new author that you have never read before; try new memory games online every day. Basically, anything that is new and out of your ordinary routine will add extra stimulation for your brain to process.

Select, VERY select, Television Viewing: watch a documentary film every so often that teaches you something new or watch a foreign movie with sub-titles that you have to read.

Really, anything you do that requires thought and concentration will keep your brain active.  And, improving your memory through memory training online will make it easier and more efficient to learn new things that help keep your mind busy.

Not only does memory training make it easier to learn new things, it also improves your efficiency and performance in all the other areas of your life.  See, your brain is like any other part of your body:  the more it is used and exercised, the better it functions and memory training online can help you exercise your brain.  And, of course, since your brain controls the rest of your body, it is even more important to exercise it.  If your brain is functioning at its very best, your body will be too!  Only good will ever come of memory training!

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