The Best Of Multi-Cooker To Serve Your Multi-Purpose

The Best Of Multi-Cooker To Serve Your Multi-Purpose

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All confused to pick the right appliances for your kitchen? Serving a range of dishes, multi-cooker promises to top your wish list.

Pressure multi-cookers are great when it comes to serving a last-minute meal and thus, make it to the ‘must have’ list of every household. And that’s why we bring you one of the best multi-function cooker Malaysia with 12 cooking modes. So let’s explore what this multi-cooker can do.

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But before everything, what is a multi-cooker?

Well, the commonest of all questions. Multi function cooker Malaysia with 12 cooking modes as the name suggests cooks a variety of dishes with its various cooking modes, helping you take over the choice of serving just the perfect dish as you ever desired.

They are easy to use, as you just need to put in the ingredients and set up your required settings, rest, will be taken care of. This eliminates the need for constant human intervention or supervision, saving a lot of your time.

What can it do for you?

If you love to eat different kind of rice every other day or just your family members have differences in their choices, this multi-cooker is to your rescue. This pressure multi-cooker comes with 12 cooking modes as follow:

·         Mixed Rice ·         Rinse-free
·         Glutinous rice ·         Scorched Rice
·         Turbo, glutinous rice ·         Nutritious Rice
·         Porridge ·         Gaba Rice
·         Soup ·         Sushi Rice
·         Multi-cook ·         Old rice

Now you get to choose your preferred softness and stickiness of your rice. Just manually control the settings to customize the rice texture as you desire.

What else will you love it for?

Apart from the diverse rice kinds and other dishes mentioned above, there are few more handy features to give you the best of user experience with this multi-cooker. Some of them are:

  • Voice Navigator: Now get voice alerts every time the cooker needs attention! Also, this helps you get to know if the dish is ready to be served.
  • Auto Temperature control
  • Patented Soft steam cap & Hydraulic slow opening
  • Full Stainless Steel detachable cover with patented Double-Layered rubber packing
  • Water Draining System
  • Auto Steam Cleaning
  • Non-stop steam emission
  • Mega Thermal Power

Other Important Aspects to Look Out For

The most important of aspect is the size of multi-cooker. This multi function cooker Malaysia with 12 cooking modes comes with a maximum capacity of 10cups to serve you large. Few other aspects are:

  • Power Capacity: Wattage ratings can determine how fast the cooker will ready your meals and to some extent, also determines the lifespan of the appliance. For the Longer run, you should get one with over 900W ratings.
  • Pressure settings: This comes handy when you want to alter the time of cooking as the higher the pressure, faster would be the meal cooked. This cooker is coupled with locking lid and patented Steam release valve for the best.
  • Internal Coating: Non-sticky coatings are quite usual nowadays but the difference lies in the quality. A thicker coating is ensured in the inner pot providing better resistance against stickiness.

So, what are you waiting for, get yourself one of this to serve a happy meal in no time!