The Capabilities of the Internet in Canada

The Capabilities of the Internet in Canada

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The Internet of Things brings has a new meaning for Canadian households. Firstly, the emergence of SMART television sets opens up whole new world. Has been opened up beside this a lot of support services have also opened up to monitor your home. All these things give customers a new experience through connected devices. A smart home means smart security. For example, installing a smart home security system gives you many options. You are able to turn it on and off at will without being at home. The children may need access to their home but always forget security codes etc. You will be able to disarm the system for their entrance, leaving some elements of the security active. So, although you have disarmed your system it is re-armed in a different manner. This option has always been available but not without being at home to control it.

A recently issued statistical report reveals that on average around seven connect devices are installed in homes in Northern America excluding computers and laptops which account for 25% of the internet connectivity. Streaming devices to entertainment sites accounted for 65% of the internet. The appetite for connected devices is growing fast

You are able to view your property whilst away from it. Recently, it was announced that electricity and water usage had risen by as much as 30%,another reason why you should consider installing new smart devices in your home in order to do some smart monitoring. For example, you may have left in the morning and left lights on and you can check this from your mobile phone. You can adjust the air conditioning system in your house if the weather changes dramatically during the day. This also means that you can change the hot water cylinder temperature at some considerable cost saving.

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Smart communication devices at your gate or front door are becoming more popular. These work on the principals of communication with your mobile phone which lets you communicate with the person directly. What’s more, you can see who the person is and capture a photograph if you wish.

Smart communication let’s you turn on or off just about any appliance you have, provided it is able to receive instruction over the internet. Not only can the internet of things save time and money there are a host of other options. You may want to close automatic shutters if you expect hail or other damaging weather when warned of approaching dangers such as hurricanes, storms, heavy rain etc., whilst you are out of town, all this is possible thus allowing you to take the appropriate action to prevent loss, thereby saving money.

Many robots (traffic lights) have more than one function, i.e. between 08h00 to say 17h00 the mode of operation can be changed. Of course, this can be achieved by hard wiring but the cost of the internet connect smart lights is far less. Also, there is the capability of temporary traffic controllers simply being placed in position and operated by the relevant department.

At least 25% of Canadian homes have an active security system of which over 65% have professional monitoring. Statistics show that another 25% plan to switch over to this system. The emerging power of IoT shows that the requirement for connected devices is growing.

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