The High Cost Of Thinking Your Local Search Is Free

The High Cost Of Thinking Your Local Search Is Free

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The fact that your business visibility on sites like Google maps is free does not mean you should treat it like other free stuff. Business owners and their marketers are often lackadaisical about their business operations even while paying as high as $20 a click for their traffic. More so, the visibility of the local search result also causes a drag of their strategies. The belief that something is free causes a drastic reduction in the value you place on it. When you assume all things free including rankings and traffic believing they are permanent or unlimited and easy to get. The following happens

Cost 1: Trying Out All Parts of Your Local SEO Strategy

This is even encountered in marketing whereby you try to farm out everything pertaining to it. The sooner you realize the use of the one-stop turnkey solution, the easier the visibility of your marketing strategies helping you generate more in business dealings. So you are expected to do all it takes to earn good reviews and links. This responsibility is placed highly on the decision maker.

Cost 2: Getting Your Site to Rank Without Investing Effort

There is need to upgrade your strategies of cheap links or microsites so as not to make all your efforts worthless. Much invested efforts can earn your business good ranking and put it in the search engine Siberia. Even though at a small cost, online listing websites like Vancouver 411 Smart Search could be of great help.

Cost 3: Bad Response to Customers Review, Even When It Is Not Necessary

Endeavor to visit customers review and respond warmly to their positive comments even if all you can do is saying thanks. Do not let negative reviews discourage or impede your expected response. This is necessary to promote your visibility and conversion of traffic to your site and it gives an upward spiral because it shows you give a hoot and you still have your customers at heart after getting their money.

Cost 4: Assume Customers Saw Your Positive Response on Your Review Session

Endeavor to put your best review upfront since customers probably did not see reviews from specific customers, just the review stars in the search result session. This is a smart one and customers are wowed by your response. Have a perspective like you are paying for each click and splatter and sprinkle your reviews across your site ensuring you have your positive reviews upfront