The ultimate guide to VPS hosting for beginners

The ultimate guide to VPS hosting for beginners

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In the web hosting environment, there are various options that you have according to your business niche or website requirements. If you ask any website owners about hosting, they’ll elaborate what shared, dedicated and cloud hosting is. But when it comes to VPS, most of them are not sure what VPS and what type of business it is best suited for.  So, to have a clear idea about the same, this article will elaborate you the actual VPS concept.

A virtual private server is generally referred to as VPS i.e. the hosting solution falls in between shared hosting and a dedicated server. In the virtual private server system, a VPS is created through virtualization software that divides the physical server into several smaller virtual servers. These virtual servers are having their own operating system dedicated storage, RAM and CPU.

In shared hosting, you can easily share all the resources like CPU (processors), memory and disk space, bandwidth, etc. with other users. Therefore shared hosting is the best plan for smaller websites. On the contrary, VPS is equivalent of dividing the big house into smaller flats. Each VPS node acts individually in the network with its own dedicated resources. On your own operating system, you can easily run any custom apps.

The house analog, of a dedicated server is like a separate house i.e. bungalow. With a dedicated server, you can choose your own operating system as well as hardware. There won’t be any sharing in the whole network. And that is the main reason dedicated servers are costlier than the rest of the hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, cPanel reseller hosting, etc.  

Now, who should consider using VPS?

If you’re a newbie and want to explore your organization in front of the online audience, then going straight for VPS is the much better option. The website owners who are still using shared hosting package and facing any issue, then below are the few signs that you should keep in mind and switch your shared hosting plan to VPS hosting and these are:

  1.    If your website is running slowly then this is an indication that you’re hitting your shared hosting resource limits.
  2.    If your website has started receiving huge traffic or has significant peaks that it struggles to cope up with.
  3.    If your website stores customer sensitive data it is better to opt for VPS hosting.

VPS hosting is the ultimate solution to protect customers’ sensitive data with Data Protection Act, etc. for your business.

  1.    If you’re running an eCommerce website which stores card details or processes payments, then that time you can prefer a VPS hosting package for security standards.
  2.    Also, if your company needs to run custom apps in order to operate its business, then cheap  VPS hosting would be the best choice.  

Things you should look out while choosing a VPS hosting package:

Fully managed hosting:

If you’re unaware of few technical things or issues while dealing with the web hosting niche, then you must consider fully managed hosting from a good hosting provider. The main reason to choose fully managed hosting is that it maintains hardware, installs and updates your operating system, and it monitors your server for problems that continue to operate at optimum levels.

24×7 Customer support:

Always keep in mind while choosing VPS hosting provider, consider customer support as the essential part for your business. Suppose you’re facing any issue on Friday night and you don’t want to wait till Monday morning, then your hosting provider should be capable enough to solve that issue on an immediate basis. Choose a good host that should have various channels through which you can communicate: phone, email, live chat, etc.


Choose a web hosting provider that can guarantee your website will be online and won’t be hampered by reliability issues. Ideally, the hosting provider should offer an uptime of 99.5% and above. And in addition to this if they can back this up with service level agreement then even better.  

High-performance hardware:

Give preference to the hosting provider which provides higher performance hardware and up to date technology for the VPS hosting.


Price is the most important factor when choosing a VPS hosting package and which should not be a determining factor. It is important to consider the value for money that you get for the package you choose. So before purchasing any VPS or any other plan from hosting provider make sure you should do the proper survey or the analysis of the services and pricing that they’re offering to you.

I hope just by going through this article you will have a clearer understanding of virtual private servers. So if you’re looking for any top VPS hosting for your business, then MilesWeb is the best solution for you.

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