Tips on spending less money on Geofilters of Snapchat

Tips on spending less money on Geofilters of Snapchat

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The Snapchat GeoFilters are really great and a reliable way of expressing oneself to others. When it came out for everyone to use it, then people got a craze for it and now everyone is using it. Still, there are many of us who thinks that they are paying more than it is required. Snapchat is taking charges for their services and you are getting promoted. On the other hand, it’s the benefit of showing the creativity of yours to others. Since people find various ways of saving money and yes there are certain ways or tip to save money with the Snapchat geofilter.

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  1. Make your own Geofilter: People look forward to hiring designers or get pre-customized Geofilter. It is really not hard to create a snapchat filter. Even if you are going ahead to take services from anyone they still have to follow the guidelines provided by the snapchat. Go through it and give it a try if it is not getting accepted then you will know where you are going wrong. Also, the Geofilter should only cover 25% of the screen and just keep that in mind that you are not covering everything on the screen.

  1. Limit your Time: Snapchat filter gives a time limit of 30 days and not more than that. Also, the snapchat charges money according to the time in hours. If you are picking the time at night for a particular area then not many people will be looking at it. The morning and the evening time are best for it to make others to look at your work. Like if there is a function or party which will be for few hours. Use the Geofilter for only that time or for lesser time. In this way, you will be saving the money as after the function or party that Geofilter becomes of no need.

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  1. Target your area: This is where you have to be very keen as there are still some places which charge more than others. These places are landmarks, crowded places or stadiums. It’s necessary to keep away from those places and if that place is coming in the way then make two geofilters. This won’t be charging more as it will be less that brings a high priced area within your Snapchat filter. On the other note the larger area you will choose the more amounts you will pay. The game here is to only choose the area that you require and target at that place only.