Top 5 Benefits of Digital Language Labs

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Language Labs

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Language is one of the most important things that is needed to be taught to someone. With the help of language, people can convey what they are thinking and what they really want. Language is what really makes us humans. But, it is one of the hardest things to teach, especially if it is a new language. There are various problems associated with teaching language and almost all of them have been eradicated by digital language labs. Here are the top five benefits of digital language labs:

  • Less Work for the Teacher: With the help of digital language labs like Robotel language lab, the teachers have to do a lot less work. From the dashboard, the teacher can set up timed quizzes, exercises, add practice pronunciations, start a live presentation, add audio/visual comments to exercises, and much more. The teacher can set the entire learning experience for the students just through a few clicks.

  • Better Learning Experience for Students: Students who are exposed to digital language labs are better language speakers when compared to regular students. The percentage of students that have excellent command over language is more for digital language lab students when compared to students who learn the conventional way. The reason for that is the better learning experience.
  • Individual Practice and Learning: In regular classroom learning, the entire class is taken as a whole and when the teacher asks a question, anyone can answer. In a digital language lab setup, each and every student gets a chance to answer the question. This ensures that each and every student learns at his or her own pace and practices everything just like the others.
  • Spoken Language Practice: Spoken language is one part that is focused less on classroom-based learning as you can’t expect the teacher to ask each and every student to pronounce something in a short class. Digital language labs eradicate that problem. Now, each student can speak into the microphone and be judged on their spoken language command as well.
  • Teachers Can Evaluate Students Easily: The teacher doesn’t need to check gazillion papers in one go now. The software does the quiz and assignment assessment on its own. The results are displayed to both the teacher and the student in the format set by the teacher. Therefore, digital language labs make evaluations easy.

All these benefits show how digital language labs have made language learning a fun and enlightening experience.