Top Sales Force Automation Software you will want to know about

Top Sales Force Automation Software you will want to know about

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Also known under the name of SFA software, the Sales Force Automation Software can help any business become more productive and efficient than it was before. You may be wondering how such a software can actually make a change in the way a company manages finances and the answer to your question is extremely simple and useful: automating processes that usually take a while for completing like controlling an inventory, processing sales data or simply tracking the interactions you have with your customers will save a lot of your precious time and energy. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools can refer to several sectors of a company’s relationships with their possible or existent clients. One of these tools is represented by sales force automation systems. If you’d like to know more about this type of product, you can visit bpm’online website:

When focusing your attention towards SFA software you should know how paramount is replacing the repetitive activities a sale agent develops during the work hours with automatic software which can do this almost instantly. These types of software cover activities such as:

  • managing contact data for each client and prospect
  • registering orders from customers
  • viewing specific characteristic of each product sold
  • managing the sale process itself
  • reassures communication between employees (who work on the field) and employer (who will be at the main centre of the company)
  • helps with tracking each performance indicator, plus the targets every employee has
  • gathers the necessary information regarding marketing details and competitors
  • analyses the gained sales data

Now, it is important to know what each CRM vendor has to offer and what suits your needs the best. This is why a Top Five CRM vendors and a short description of services they are offering, especially regarding the sales force automation tools, will help you understand better what is appropriate. Here is a list with Custom Relationship Management service providers:


  • Keeping track of communication history

Knowing your client for good means you should be aware of its communication pattern. This is a sign of professionalism that many would seek for. Why? The reason is following your interactions with certain persons will eventually grant you the opportunity to evaluate progress. Having clear data sheets about how often your company interacts with specific customers will help you in the long run.

  • Contact details, profiles and privacy

Each client will have contact details that you will want to access whenever you need without much trouble. bpm’online and their sales force automation software offer features as searching for duplicates when your datasheets

doesn’t seem to function efficient enough or analysing past details about sales and former customers. In addition, having access to a fluent customer database will allow you to identify opportunities that wait to be discovered or weak links that need to be eliminated.

  • Data management and enrichment

Another thing bpm’online will let you do is managing data at a much more accelerated pace than before. Since every client has a lot of information that needs to be stored and administrated, a smart enrichment data system could be the solution. Social media can intervene here too, as a customer-finder for your requirements (in case you want to reach a client or find out more about their interests).


  • Sales analytics

When thinking about sales analytics, a company will have to keep in mind concepts as reports, dashboards, BI concepts and so on. These are complicated matters to keep track of and this is exactly the reason why a sales force automation software can come in handy: the reporting is done via interactive insights into sales. The dashboards are comfortable to decipher, containing important amounts of data that can be useful in real-time situations.

  • Management for potential opportunity

The goal for any company should be gaining more and more clients. This can be done by following and discovering possible opportunities. Of course, these opportunities won’t show up without the slightest help from a SFA software. Such product will do the hard part of the job by planning the possible opportunities. This planning will require knowing what you are willing to do in the near future, exactly because it is a long-term planning rather that a temporary solution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Engaging customers

Customer intelligence which can be understood while using a SFA software, meaning that engaging customers is not possible in the absence of it. What does customer intelligence mean? It represents the action of collecting data from either internal of external sources. Progress, success and constant growth for a company is thoroughly linked to the way customers are being motivated to use their services. This is no longer something one should worry about, given the fact that the software is present to: increase sales, predict future issues, identifying and understanding customers, know what step you’ll have to take next regarding sales performance and so on.

  • Interface

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM products you will also be able to personalize the interface following your own needs. The Dynamics 365 can be optimized accordingly to your needs. You will be having the possibility to access all the important data in one single place and link extensions to it without any trouble. This will grant your business with a much more functional way to track and alter stored information. Plus, the software is compatible with PowerApps, Power BI or Microsoft Flow.

So why should I choose a Sales Force Automation software?

Any SFA (Sales Force Automation) software should be chosen carefully. If so, the advantages it will bring to your business will be numerous:

  • Contributing to shortening the sales cycle, reducing both pre and post-sale time
  • Allowing much more control of customers’ balances, which can be collected and tracked directly from the platform
  • Ensuring transparency of the sale process and personalization according to the company’s best practices
  • Allowing managers to easily identify unusual situations and to act quickly in the direction of fixing them which would be the main goal