Ways to Efficient Package Products to Improve Your Bottom Line

Ways to Efficient Package Products to Improve Your Bottom Line

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Brand managers, plant or production managers know that their primary focus is on the bottom line. While packaging affects many aspects of the product line and as a result, business growth, there is the need to ensure that the right packaging is adopted to improve business model and efficiency.

The packaging option adopted by a business has significant effect on the revenue growth, cost reduction and the way the product is shipped. Taking into consideration that your industrial packaging materials have to be in line with the regulations set for quality and safety, the choice of machinery for packaging thus becomes an important decision to make.

Wondering how efficient packaging can affect your business and improve the production process, below are some identified ways as culled from http://rtgpkg.com/ilpra-tray-sealers/

  • Green Packaging

Flexible packaging is changing the face of packaging compared to the traditional PVC film days. The development of packaging materials such as the polyolefin material has made it possible to dye, cut, print and design flexibly on packages. The use of the modern lightweight and durable films allows for several benefits including its recycling properties, and significant reduction in the shipping/freight costs compared to the PVC material. The use of flexible films also allows businesses to have products with a smaller footprint thus further driving down the cost of shipping and allowing more flexibility with regards to shelf placement.

  • Eradicate Last Minute Decisions

One of the commonest mistakes made by many businesses is that they leave their packaging and packaging decisions to the last minute and at the end of the production process. This common mistake can lead to a larger, more expensive and less efficient packaging process and as such, it is recommended that you keep the packaging needs in front of your mind. To make the best of the packaging process, be sure to start with an itemized list of design requirements and set it rolling at the start of the production process to ensure that your packaging needs are met at a reduced cost and more efficiently.

  • Upgrade and Maintain Packaging Machinery

In most cases, the problem with the packaging process may be as a result of the packaging line. Problems with the packaging line such as outdated machineries may cause an inefficient packaging process. In most cases, you may need to repair your packaging machinery or in other cases, completely overhaul the packaging line for an upgrade. To ensure that your packaging machinery remains efficient throughout the production phase, it is recommended that you perform regular inspections and repairs when needed.

  • Reduce Labels

Any business seeking to retroactively redesign their product packaging for cost reduction is advised to switch from labels to printed packaging. While stick on labels constitute an additional cost in design and addition to the packaged material, printed designs can make the packaging process more efficient and timely as all labels would already have been printed on the film, reducing the packaging time and also reducing cost. Businesses seeking to reduce cost incurred on labels are recommended to have their designs printed on the packaging materials already thus cutting out the entire step of label design and addition.  

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