What you need to know about cordless telephone

What you need to know about cordless telephone

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Digital, compact, with sound amplifier and answering machine, with dozens of memories, perfect listening quality … And the biggest plus: the cordless telephone gives you freedom of movement!

Digital technology leads to unprecedented comfort: more memory, large selection of ringtones, more functions … The sound is clear and precise. The transfer between handset and base station is perfectly secured. In practice, this means that several handsets can be connected to one base station. This prevents you from having to run every time the telephone rings! And if you really have no time (or sense!) to record, there are plenty of models with built-in answering machine. A lot of convincing advantages, which combine the current cordless phones with a beautiful design!

“Nephew” of the mobile

The cordless telephone is more and more like a mobile phone. The functions are practically the same: call number display, access to the address book via the keyboard, possibility to send text messages and so on. The cordless phones are highly favored by those working in Dubai as Yealink Phones Dubai is always in high demand.

Everyone has the floor

Making calls, communicating … should be especially user-friendly. Everyone should be able to enjoy it, alone or with more. When it comes to use, if your angels or yourself like to share conversations, the “hands-free” function is indispensable. Someone in your family is visually impaired or hard of hearing? More and more cordless phone models have been specially adapted: large keys, compatible with hearing aids, almost all needs are now handled by some cordless phones available on the market.

Store a lot of data

All cordless telephones have one, an address book with numerous memories in which you can store up to hundreds of data (names and telephone numbers) … This way you can store all data from your old paper phone book in memory without any problems. With some models you can even arrange your contacts per group: friends, work, and family. For your info,  Yealink T21P IP Phone has a capacity of up to 1,000 entries.

Bluetooth model

If you opt for a bluetooth technology model, you can easily download the contact list from your smartphone to your phone’s address book. An alternative? If your mobile phone does not support bluetooth, you can also easily copy its address book when you choose a cordless telephone with the “Copy SIM card” function. Specifically, this means that this phone is equipped with a SIM card reader. You only need to insert your own SIM card into the slot provided for this purpose. The procedure to be followed is very simple.