Why do you have to use genuine ink cartridges in a printer?

Why do you have to use genuine ink cartridges in a printer?

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When you search for ink cartridge you often find lots of ink cartridges. In those search results, you will find some genuine ink cartridges and third-party ink cartridge.

Usually, some third party ink cartridge claim as a good and genuine cartridge but they do not offer best results when you consider consistency, reliability and longevity.

That’s why using a best and genuine ink cartridge is always crucial. Generally, laser printers offer low cost per page on the market, if you brought one for your workspace means you are already focused on lowering your cost per page printing.

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Why do you have to use genuine ink cartridges?

Most of the printers do accept both original and compatible printer ink cartridges. So I have explained the differences below clearly.

Types of Cartridges:

There are certain types of cartridges which are compatible with printer cartridges. In this section, I will explain them.

Original cartridges or Genuine Cartridges:

Original Cartridges are the genuine cartridges which are made by top manufacturers. Ex: HP, Canon. These are the genuine cartridges had developed and endorsed by the printer manufacturer for the specific models of the printers.

Third Party Cartridges?

The third-party cartridges are the other type of cartridges which often compatible with the printer cartridges. These are not made by the printer manufacturer. They often produce the bulk of products which are an exact match for the genuine cartridges but they do fall in the quality department. Genuine manufactures are the best ones to consider.

Is third-party printer ink as good as genuine ink quality?

The answer to this question is obviously easy but the explanation is the harder part.

  • In most the cases, it has been proved that genuine printer cartridges offer better quality in printing inks. Where else, third-party ink cartridges will contain more ink because they are water-based.
  • Genuine ink cartridges, do offer longevity and they will not damage your printer. Where else third-party ink cartridges can damage your printer and can block your work.
  • Original ink cartridges come with a warranty when you use their branded printer. If you use other cartridges means you cannot claim warranty.

Now by seeing these points I obviously say that buying a genuine and branded ink cartridge to your printer is the best thing. You can get better quality and improved printer performance when you use genuine cartridges. So, precisely always prepare to use genuine ink cartridge to your printer other than third-party cartridges.

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