Why Should You Upgrade Your Existing Security Camera?

Why Should You Upgrade Your Existing Security Camera?

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With the rising crime rate, it is absolutely essential that each and every household has security cameras installed. These cameras help keep surveillance of the site in question and stop any unexpected occurrences from happening. But even security cameras, like all electronic gadgets, get outdated. Many individuals feel that upgrading their existing security camera isn’t in their company’s best interest. If you are one of them, here are a few reasons why you should definitely choose to upgrade your existing security cameras:

  • Outdated Security Cameras Are Hackable:

No matter how good the company is, the hackers would find vulnerabilities sooner or later. With top brands like Hikvision backdoor problems can be easily solved. If you use outdated security cameras for surveillance of your property, chances are that the hack for that model has already been released online and any hacker with good computer skills can get into your system. Your entire surveillance model would get compromised just because of one outdated security camera.

  • Compatibility Issues:

Security cameras that are outdated have difficulty in connectivity with new and improved security systems. If you feel that upgrading the rest of your network is going to work if you leave your security cameras out of the upgrade, it won’t work as there are likely to be compatibility issues. The output of the cameras might not be readable by the other systems or you won’t be able to connect the camera with your recorders properly.

  • Security Patches:

The new and upgraded security cameras come equipped with the latest security standards and patches by the company. This means that the new and upgraded security cameras are much more secure when compared to the outdated ones. Companies do provide patches for old camera systems, but those updates are stopped as soon as it becomes at least two versions old.

  • Deteriorating Recording Quality:

Depending on how long the cameras have been put to use, the recording quality starts deteriorating due to normal wear and tear. Upgrading your security cameras allows you to get rid of bad quality video recording that are of no use. You can easily set up HD quality recording if you have the latest upgraded security camera setup.

As seen above, it is a much better option to upgrade your existing security camera setup and get a new one. One thing to remember during this upgradation is that each and every security camera should be updated or else the upgrade won’t bear any fruits.

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