Why Your Choice In Casters Is Important

Why Your Choice In Casters Is Important

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The variety of casters and wheels for push carts is wide and you should consider a few basics before making the decision to switch. It’s an important part of the equipment you use daily to transport items safely.

What are pneumatic casters?

pneumatic casters are designed to withstand bumpy surfaces or to bear heavy weights. You will get smoother rolling over uneven surfaces without unnecessary jarring of your arms and the items being moved. The light, spring action of the wheel assembly allows for transporting heavier than normal objects without placing too much burden on the cart.

What are no-flat wheels?

No-flat wheels are the preferred wheel to have on crats that you plan to carry heavy and awkward loads. The tough construction ensures the wheels will last a long time. Having a blow-out with air-filled tires can spell disaster for the items and can lead to personnel injuries.

The Difficulties of Moving Around Heavy Items

Without a conveyance system, you have to depend on physically moving heavy items from place to place. Wheeled carts are a great solution, but you need to make sure you have the exact set-up necessary to handle the expected loads safely.

Do I need a swivel or rigid caster?

Along with selecting pneumatic casters and no-flat wheels, you can choose casters that swivel. Swivel action allows for the movement of items on the cart in areas that don’t have a great deal of workable open space. Rigid casters only allow for movement in forward and reverse directions. Both can be useful under specific circumstances.

Should I use brakes or non-brake?

If you are moving things around on carts and it’s a constant level area, you may not need to have brakes on pneumatic casters. Brakes are highly recommended if you are moving items up and down inclines and declines. Brakes are also useful if you want the cart to stand still and not be jarred out of place.

Safe and secure movement of items on transport carts is a beautiful method if the right casters and wheels are used. It’s worth investing time to find the exact casters you need to make every transport job easier.


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